Our Current Studies


Covid-19 is causing acute and chronic symptoms and is having a profound impact on everyone in the UK. As more people are becoming infected, more people are reporting prolonged symptoms including breathlessness, headaches, cognitive impairment and fatigue more than 12 weeks following infection. It is not yet clear what biological or immunological mechanisms are involved in ‘long covid’ or why some people are more susceptible to prolonged symptoms therefore, it is essential that research is carried out.

We are running a series of surveys with the aim to understand the health implications of Covid-19, both at the time of infection and the long-term effects. We want to learn more about how ‘long covid’ is affecting peoples lives both physically and mentally.

The initial survey will collect information about participants including physical and mental health wellbeing and details about the severity of symptoms experienced at the time of infection.

The second survey will be sent 3 months later to follow up with participants and will collect information about their physical and mental health.

To take the survey, please click on the following link: