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Open label extension for the ELAD study

Open label extension for the ELAD study

An exciting new stage is iminent for the patients who wish to continue after completing the ELAD trial of the anti-diabetic drug, liraglutide, in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. This will allow patients to embark upon an ‘open label extension’, which will involve taking liraglutide for another year whilst only attending clinic approximately every 3 months to collect the drug and for safety investigations involving blood tests, ECG tests and urine samples.

This will invole taking the active drug daily whether or not this has been given to participants in the first part of the trial. This open-label extension study only available to participants who have completed the first, randomised part of the ELAD study. Participants will not be informed of whether they were in the placebo or liraglutide group during the main trial.

If you are nearing the end of your study on liraglutide and wish to continue taking this medication you can ask your local study team about this so that they can discuss this with you further.